Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Short but Sweet...

Hubby's folks came out for a quick long weekend visit.  We hadn't seen them beginning of Dec, so it was HIGH TIME!

Starting off with a waffle brunch

Eating "strawbabies"

My Dad in law usually needs some catchin' up time!
Like Father, like son
Giggle fest I imagine

Grandpa being entertained as he fishes

Look how happy she is!  What do I do with it?

While Mom kisses the fishes?

She caught a FISH!  

We went paddle boating, and this was the booty!

"Soooo cute"  Mei caught 3 fish!  She is "hooked"

The fisher people!

Looks like the people that left the bag of LuLu Lemon clothes are back.
Here Kate is modelling the perfect "horse brushing" shirt.
PJ pants...oh wait, they are brown???  WOW!

New jeans

Lots of playing games!
Fluff ball with Dad...not knowing how blessed she is!

"Ernie"  Note the mustache???

View from my kitchen to check chickens once again.

The men grilling up some good beef steaks!

So much fun, so little time!

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