Friday, June 24, 2011

Chicken with Black Swollen Spot on Comb

Poor little chicken.  We thought it had been pecked on its comb, so we cleaned it with peroxide.  A few days later, it is really swollen. Some say frost bite, but our temperatures haven't been that low.
Any recommendations?

Small black spots on the wattle as well.  Don't know if this is normal or not.
UPDATE: The black piece on the comb fell off, no harm, no foul...fowl...ha ha.  It seemed to dry up and just fell off.  Rooster is happy as anything.  Look at the pictures below, taken a few months later.  This is now October.
He turned out to be a Leghorn Rooster

Look at how beautiful his comb is now!


Anonymous said...

we have the exact same thing on our hen!To get rid of it all you did was rinse with peroxide?

Jo said...

The first time this happened it was too warm to be frostbite, he had probably been pecked. The black stuff fell off and he grew a nice comb. Now though we are waiting and seeing if it falls off!