Monday, June 13, 2011

Trampoline Play time

The best thing we have ever purchased for our girls would be, hands down, the trampoline.  Last year the safety net caught in a wind storm and blew it across the yard.  So that is why it is now off...but we have more rules in place now and the girls are old enough that I have no concern.  This is some of the fun we have on the bucking horses~
Showing Daddy how it's done

A little Mei horse

A slightly bigger Ruth horse

Something doesn't look quite right

Still not quite right


This is better!

Didn't know horses also tickle!

They also get sleepy

Time to relax

Biology do Daddy's whiskers grow?

Life is too short ~ take time to enjoy the little things!


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Anonymous said...

I loved having a trampoline when growing up. We slept under the stars on it as well as put the sprinkler under it on hot summer days. So much fun.

Jacquie Reimer