Friday, December 08, 2006

'Tis the Season....

to be jolly! ra ra ra ra ra....
OH, I just can't wait to snuggle up with the whole family and watch "a christmas story". We missed it last year and I keep thinking about it this year. I also thought of "home alone" today and thought "hey, I could watch that movie again." Gone are the days of "is jesse old enough for this movie?" Now it's "can Kate watch this movie yet?" Oh how fun life is.

Well, check the fotopage for a few quick pictures of the house. I'll have to post some better ones of the "sitting room" so you can see how the color looks. Gregg is just finishing up the theatre wall. It is a big thing for him and he is being anal about it of course. The kitchen picture of the white receptacle actually shows the main event: the tiling job that Angie did most excellently! But I must say, I was some happy to have a receptacle with a PLATE COVER! yeah!

Well, tomorrow I officially will start some christmas baking, as I need to bring 3 doz. dainties to church for the carolling on Friday. The girls are excited about that and reading books between the baking times.

We have our glamorous 4 ft. fake and glowing tree up and the girls think it is lovely.
They are saving money to buy eachother gifts, and it is some sweet to see how Kate has put so much thought into her gifts already. We still need to take them "shopping" though...dollarmania here we come! Ha ha.

I am very behind this year in my christmas gifts, and some need to be mailed to BC...hopefully I'll get them in a expresspost envelope....

I am trying to finish up a quilt cover I started for Ruth, so I really should be doing that. So I will bid you adu.

Good nite