Monday, May 20, 2013

An afternoon drive and baby bunnies

What is a gal to do when it's a holiday and her hubby is at work?  Take the girls for a drive to play with some baby bunnies!  Yes, that is the solution!

We picked up one of Miss Ruth's friends and went for a short drive.  

 In our neck of the woods, there is danger of the Assiniboine River spilling it's banks....
as you can see in these photos, it's pretty close.  Both sides of the road are normally fields.

Most adorable and relaxed little bunny

They love to climb up your sleeve

So happy together!

... our anniversary is coming up honey!

Sticking out her tongue!

I think the blankets remind them of their cozy nest

We had a nice visit and a little snack with our cousins while the children played.  Perfect rainy day afternoon outing!  Thanks M!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spontaneity doesn't always pay

My husband is spontaneous, but will playfully joke that I, on the other hand, "plan to be spontaneous".  Yeah, I like my spontaneity to be planned out.

Today, I decided to go to the local green house and buy some bedding plants for our little Community Garden project that our girls are involved in.  We jumped into the van and as the van started, the radio came on with ".... for the class of 1993... 'I would walk 500 Miles'..."  I had fun telling the girls about the song again and how our class of 1993 had sung this in the bus on our Grad trip to New York and Pennsylvania.  All was well.  It was good.  I was feeling very much younger than my age!

 Then I thought "Let's be spontaneous!  Let's keep driving onto the next town and go to the Bargain store and Home Hardware!  Let's buy a flower planter for our front yard!  Let's have some long weekend fun girls, with your Mommy who is oh so fun!"

We continued along our merry way, having fun looking at our plants in the van and the girls naming their new flowers.

As I pulled off the highway onto the service road, the van lost all power.  No gas... then stall and coast to the side of the road.  Nothing.  Na da.

Long story short, a nice man from another province or state (I didn't recognize the plate, but hubby now says it was from the East coast) stopped and let me use his cell phone.  Hubby was called to save the day...he called CAA to save the day.  We waited for a tow.  Over 30 others did NOT stop...hum... guess I didn't look needy.

On the plus side I did send the girls for a walk up the street to the convenience store and told them to "buy themselves something nice... like ice cream or a banana or a water".  I got an ice cream sandwich out of the deal, and now my hubby will know I cheated on our "healthy eating kick".  One girl did in fact get a banana.  Then they found a few more beer cans in the ditch, so they made about 30 cents... ha!

Nearing our 1.5 hour mark, friends who we had over for supper the night before (while we roped him into helping us move a shed) drove by and were kind enough to drive my girls home.  I stayed and waited for the tow. ... and read the only reading materials in the van ... "Sunquest Vacations".  As I sat dreaming of glorious tropical sunshine and white sandy beaches by the ocean, the driver showed up.

Honestly, I thought this day would have come much faster in my life with my crazy man and the vehicles we drive ~ the roads we have driven.  18 years, 1 tow.  Not too shabby.

Long story short ~ I had my first ride in a tow truck!  He knew where Gretna was, so that lead to some interesting conversation.

So the van now sits for my incredibly busy hubby to look at and diagnosis.  We have some ideas, I just hope it's the cheap fix and not the "bye bye baby good bye" fix.

Lesson of the day ~ stick to the plan!
Thought of the day ~ yup, driving a monster truck is in my future!