Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter Holiday Part 9 ~ winding down

Ahhh, the winding down after being wound up. We were stopped once again for avalanche control and they pointed us to the Glacier Park Lodge near the peak of Roger's Pass to pull over and wait.  We thought we'd use the washroom facilities ~ absolutely disgusting!  Some neat stuff inside and it looked all fancy, but hardly any of the toilets were working and it was pretty gross.

 If you've driven by Roger's Pass, this is the top of that swingy thing they have there... look at the snow!
 Tunnels are a great time to....
 hold your breath!
 Anyone for a Lollipop?

 So annoyed with trying to take a photo of the earrings I was wearing for the first time.
 At least the sun was shining!

Now this place is called "Three Valley Cap" and it's where 3 water ways converge.  It has new owners and they spent Millions of $ to fix it up.  There is banquet/restaurant/motel etc as well as an abandoned old town to tour.  Looks like such a tourist trap, but someday we said we'll stop in!
 I want a bunny like this one
 I love how they have bunnies, turkeys, chickens, guinea hens, pea cocks altogether
Ruth is letting the turkey read from the Bible

We got to see an Otter lying on a snowy dock in the lake, but the photos weren't near close enough.  I remember watching Otters play along the banks in Ontario and boy, they like to play!
Another safe trip and home safe n' sound.  Now to figure out how to get photos off Gregg's Iphone...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The View from the Window ~ Wild Horses!

How blessed we are to quietly sip our tea as we watch the horses enjoy the weather from the comfort of our home!  Enjoy with us! My 14 year old Horse Crazy daughter gets all the credit for these photos.

We love it when the animals are "feelin' their oats" !

Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter Holiday Part 8 ~ Calgary Fun Times

Ah, nice and tired from snowboarding and thrilled by the feeling of accomplishing a great feat ~ we went back to Calgary for a few more days of craziness.  We stayed with some beautiful cousins whilst Mom & Dad's house was full.  Yes, I took no pictures of this lovely family that let us come and go as we pleased.

 I do have to say that we were greatly amused with this little nephew.  It became a bit of a game to see his "pouty face" or if he had one!  We got it for about 5 seconds!


 Ruth was just saying last night how much she had played with this little guy and got so attached and missed him.

Auntie doing new hair do's on the "big girls"
 A quick day trip to Okotoks Alberta to "Playtopia" for the little ones to exert some energy.  Then we went to "Bibles for Missions" thrift store and some more horse related stores.  Such cute buildings in Okotoks and I hope to get back for a longer time to view them better.
 We went to a little eatery with homemade food and little extras like a smiley ketchup.  We enjoyed a Bison sausage wrapped in swiss cheese and bacon on a homemade kaiser roll with a Cucumber Salmon Soup.  Delicious!

 We videoed this little man falling asleep in his lunch... so sweet!

 Then we visited a toy store called Monkey something-or-other, I forget.  There was Mei's SEAL... she has had this on her list for years!  Couldn't resist... so the tooth fairy partnered up with the book log reward and purchased the seal.  Ruth of course got another giraffe.
 Get them when you can....
 Lots of video games like Mario and Animal Crossing
 Dutch Blitz of course!

 Sad good byes for our girls, I don't know how the other kids faired.

 Off to the park down the back alley with an Uncle and a nephew
 They are playing in "the woods"

 These chairs are wild!  They will buck you off!  They spin with your body .... ahhhh

 I love Gregg's sweater on this little nephew
We went to the Southland Leisure Centre to the wave pool and water slides a few times and also went to the disappointing Telus Science Centre.  Did some shopping for bathing suits, did lots of visiting and less sleeping.  It was very refreshing.