Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day done simply

 Some "holidays" seem to creep up on me ~ like the highly over commercialized Valentine's Day.  I admit it is a nice "excuse" to perhaps get out of the house, not make food and to get dressed up for your love and then say how much you love them.  If you need an excuse.... or prompting...or just plain want to do it.  It is always nice to express our feelings for any reason, whether it be Feb. 14th or January 20th or July 7th.   Me ~  I made some "Mug Rugs" and will be posting them on here when I get a moment.
 My girls made me Valentines and they were sweet.  My hubby called and that was sweet.  My folks gave me chocolate and that was sweet.
 We went into town for a Home Learners Valentine's Day party and that was sweet.
This picture was NOT sideways before... hummm... just in case you can't read it .... it says I am awesome because I had 3 girls.  Yup, I am loved.

Be loved as well my friends, because I love you!

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Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I think such "holidays" are what we make them. Yay for all the sweetness in your day yesterday!