Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Holiday Part 1 ~ the driving!

So the driving is always a big part of a holiday adventure.  Winter driving with varied winter driving conditions, despite what the road reports may say, you just never know what is ahead of you.
 This time we got to bring a friend along to deliver her to her elder sister.  She brought along a DVD player which actually worked out really well.  Gregg and I thought how "odd" it was to here the FOX movie music in a vehicle!  Our girls will be able to tell stories about "I was 14 years old before I watched a movie in the vehicle!"  Where as we tell stories of "I was 30 years old before I had air conditioning in my vehicle!"  My how times change!  What will our grandchildren be saying?  YIKES
 Their chocolate was a little too close to the heater
 Girls always amuse themselves at DeMille's in Salmon Arm

 Too much tea?

 We love the rest stops in the Roger's Pass ~ look at the snow caps on the out house!

Military Canons to blast away avalanche dangers
 On the trip to and from Calgary this time we were delayed a few minutes for the military avalanche blasting.  Cool stuff!
 We always stop at a tourist info place in Field BC to use their cool bathroom facilities.  The only thing you touch is the handle to lock the bathroom stall.  They have a little gift shop there too and displays of animals.  Jake the Bear is there with his history mapped out ~ he liked to break into cars.  There is also a little "dinosaur bone dig" that you can use a paint brush to get the sand away.  Good to amuse kids while they are waiting on others to get out of the bathroom. 
Someday we will stop at the little Tea Shoppe across the road too.
 There is a place outside Calgary South West called "Spruce Meadows" ( I think)  It is a horse jumping, etc place and they do all the trees up in lights.  We always wanted to drive into it, so we DID.  Lots of beautiful bronze statues of horses, etc and it felt a little on the fancy pants expensive side.  It was a fun drive around.

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