Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Maker's Diet

First, who is the Maker? My Maker was none other than the big man himself, GOD! SO, it only makes perfect sense that God would place food ~ animals, plants, herbs, grasses on HIS earth for HIS creation to eat and be well. The Bible does talk about this, and God even gives pretty direct instruction to the Jews on what they should eat.

This said, I have read the Maker's Diet book by Jordan Rubin, and Gregg and I are now on day 7 of the program. The "program" goes in 3 parts, the first part being the hardest, the cleansing phase. Gregg seems to be more energetic and finally not eating every minute. He is happy to report that some of his "love handles" seem to be shrinking.

Myself, on the other hand, knowing that my health was in need of a BIG boost, have been experiencing some "withdrawl" symptoms and cleansing "crisis"...headaches and tired, then energetic the next day! Oh well, it is all worth it, seeing as I have lost 2 lbs of my "fluffiness" around my midsection.

The menu has been quite frankly ~ awesome! Finally I have the "excuse" to buy and try some "odd" things that i may not have regularly...lots of yummy fish, stirfry's, soups, etc.

The coconut soup was a huge hit, as seeing as how coconut is really good for the digestive, that was an added bonus. Also loved the lemon fish.


We have painted the "laundry room", otherwise know as the room that houses the fridge, pantry, washer and dryer, and that you walk through to get to the john. It is now yellow to match the kitchen and sports a new layer of those lovely self-adhesive tiles like our kitchen. Definately brightens the room and now we will be needing some shelving, etc. But at least we got rid of the dungeon feel.

Has been scheduled for Feb. 22, and thankfully God has worked it out that he will NOT lose his job, and we will get some sort of E.I. for some of it, so that is good. So we are pinching pennies and planning for Gregg to be off his legs for a good spell. Prayer is definately appreciated.

Oh, and friends of ours with 5 girls have temp. moved into town, so we are feeling so blessed for them to have a cleaner, bigger house closer to everything for them. You can keep them in your prayers that their health would also improve and that if they are to keep the house they are temporarily in, God will provide.

Well, from a thankful Jo once again, good night to all!

Friday, January 06, 2006

"...For the joy of the Lord"

I'm trading my sickness, i'm trading my pain, i'm laying them down for the joy of the lord..."

That is the praise song playing right now. How well I know that God will take the short end of the stick and take all our pain, just to give us His Joy! Wow. Truly amazing!

We had a wonderful Christmas season. Just kicked back at my folks for christmas, a few gatherings, a memorial for my Uncle Ed. It was fun visiting with my younger cousins, who now are married and have children or going to university, etc. Funny how a few years changes everything. Before I was the "old lady", and they were the "young punks". Now we're all equal. Humm. Saw one of my favourite cousins, who we used to call Pork Chop, which I'm sure he hated. He is now a constable.

We also were blessed to see all of Gregg's family, even though it was the opposite year for the "in law Christmas". Fun to hang out with no real plans or agendas of things that needed done.

Death of the Hardware

The hardware is officially closed now. I phoned MTS and cancelled the fax line, etc, and am returning the interact machine on Monday. Went upstairs to the Gallery today ~ What a shock! So empty. A building has no life on it's own. Terribly cold and impersonal, but yet so filled with memories.

Now that the hardware is done, I'm missing my time with Gregg even more. At the Hardware I could visit and work along side my heartthrob, but now the hospital wouldn't exactly approve I'm sure.

I was thinking how life seems to go in 10 YEAR intervals....age 0-10, free childhood.
age 10-20~ growing independence, freedom of being on one's own.
age 20-30 ~ growing responsibilities, growing families, growing debt or assets.
Moving from schooling, to jobs, to careers, to life stuff.

I have been very blessed with the love and joy that I have in my life, and I want to praise the Lord and acknowledge that He is worthy.

Another song...."I will worship all my days. I will trust you and you alone. I will give you all my praise. You alone are worthy." "No rocks will have to cry out as long as I have breath!"

Thank you Lord for Christmas, for the Christ. Our saviour and friend and our all.