Friday, August 10, 2007

Hummm, what is rumbling around in my head today?

It's been awhile.

I've been very happy in my skin. In my home. In my life as a daughter, mother, friend, wife, and non-bread winner of my family. I am the lady of the home.

THere is delight in the small things of my life. Such as singing "baby beluga" (raffi song) to my almost 4 year old and hearing her say at the same picture "mommy, that's you and that's me" about the baby/mommy belugas. The only time I may not take that as an insult :)

Comfortable can describe my life at the moment. Comfortable in the love of my husband and of and for my children. Comfortable weeding the garden and canning and making a home. Comfortable in my friendships. Kinda like snuggling up with that warm feather duvet on a chilly evening with a good book.

Speaking of good books, I have a gift certificate for Chapters On line and don't know what to buy. Gregg laughed when I said I got it from filling out a secret pleasure. Any suggestions?

The last good book we read was the "Wealthy Barber" and I think it has changed our outlook on money. I also finished reading "the stonehouse" at the same time. One later is a biblical way of looking at God blessing your 10% put away, the other is secular about interest blessing your 10% put away = same thoughts. So we are trying to put some of this into practice, but our bank account is not liking us at the moment. Soon it will be better because Gregg actually worked in the past 2 weeks. YES!

Sorry for the boring, comfortable posting. Time to go eat and enjoy my toasted tomato sandwich. If I'm fast enough, Mei won't ask me to "share"

Monday, May 28, 2007

the plants were left behind...

I am like the plants
left behind

for the purchaser forgot
to pack 'em up

drove away

Really my folks were just here for a visit...the first since their move 11 months ago.
They left around noon. Mom forgot her bedding plants in my sunroom. Some of them are awfully nice and expensive too. Guess I'll have to plant them myself.

I was so sad to see them. Usually when someone forgets something at your house you think "OH MY! THey forgot ____ and I better call them quick!"
This time I was just overwhelmed with sadness "she forgot her flowers"

Lord I pray that Gregg & I won't have to move away from our children. They should move away from us.