Monday, February 18, 2008

Boy, I was in a good mood on the last posting

Guess most of that hasn't changed, except it is FREEZING cold here and I am definately NOT eating a toasted tomato sandwich from my bountiful garden! ha ha

I am quilting now. So much fun, it is my reprive from life and the hectic parts of life. I love seeing something form out of nothing.

Babysitting 2 little sweetheart brothers right now and loving every minute of it! They are adorable and have me wrapped. Ages 1 and 2 and sweetness through and through. I will definately miss them when they are gone :(

We're still trying to figure out our basement reno. and how to afford and survive it. It will probably get starting in July, when school is out and no babysitting. We may just camp out for a month! So exciting...adventure and all that!

Hard to see where your life is heading sometimes. I think I have it figured out sometimes and then something happens that blows it all to smitherines.... So I'll focus on my family and keep going.

Have a good day to all...I'm up for a cup of tea!