Monday, October 31, 2005


As a child, I remember the anticipation of dressing up and going around town with our pillowcases and coming back home with a bag of loot. Sorting each item into piles, and Mom getting any peanuts or sunflowers, Dad trying to steal anything "good"...
It was always a fun day, but then reality sets in and I understood the history behind a hallowed evening...nothing we want to be a part of for sure.
So, Gregg & I have decided that our children don't need to be a part of it either. So, this year, we are again bringing muffins to our neighbours and heading out to the "farm" to hang out. The last few years have been "quiet" mischief-wise for us. No more slashed tires, etc. It seems like just an excuse to go out and be idiots and mean to normal folk and get away with it "just kids having fun".
Anyhow, the girls were excited about their new "hello kitty" underwear instead of candy treats. After reading "The Maker's Diet", we want to try to cut out sugar, but alas, that is hard to do!
Ummm, I also made "Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies" today. :) yummy yummy
Well, friends will be coming over for a play soon, girls are crating cheese for supper, and I should put this piles of clean laundry away...oh the boring life of a housewife. ha ha
Have a good day all, and enjoy some sugar!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Date Nite with Zorro

last nite was Date Nite! We did the boring stuff first, like going to Princess Auto to look for speaker wire...then to Superstore for softener salt. We then zipped over to Kam lungs for chinese buffet, which we must say was simply delicious. If we would have had more time, we could have really gorged ourselves, but alas, we saved our waistlines and ran over to the theatre. Just in time to see the big Z slash across the screen...Zorro!
The whole time we kept thinking how much my Dad would laugh/cry throughout that movie! Can't wait to watch it with them.
So, we managed to be home by 10 pm and play some 9's with Alex & Gab and Paul. And Gregg mixed up some of what paul called "Strawberry Da-quer-ies" Very funny. Of course, Gab whipped all of our butts in 9's. She gets so stressed, but if she would just stop winning then maybe she wouldn't have so much stress! :)
Enjoyed our time "alone" and being goofy on the way home. SO refreshing.
I HIGHLY recommend Date Nite's!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pass or Fail...

Well, Gregg has been waiting for a wee piece of paper to arrive to tell him Pass/Fail. Well, the paper has arrived and we can let out our breath and sigh...yes! Done! Fini!
It feels so good to me that Gregg is done, I can't imagine what it feels like for Gregg!
No more essays, research papers, therap. use of self....oh the joys of all the nonsense involved in getting a degree.
Gregg is very happy at the Virden Hospital, and loves the nite shifts...of course, we always knew he was a nite owl anyways. The ladies seem to be adjusting to him. :) ha ha. He is getting a lot of experience in many different areas, and we're looking forward to the time when he finds more direction. We also thought it would be nice to be able to volunteer at summer camps (TMBC where we met perhaps) or at some point go to missions work or volunteer to go overseas to somewhere needy.
We're feeling like we're finally in a place where we'll be able to start giving back more than taking. So many people supported us in so many little ways, that we want to Pass It Forward.
It Feels SO Good to be done!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My 3 Dads...

Sounds corny.

I was peeling potatoes with my 2 little girls the other day. They wanted to hear stories about my Dad Allan. My dad Allan passed away when I was 8 years old, the age my eldest is now. Many memories have been flooding my mind lately, but something hit me today.

I have been blessed with 3 wonderful fathers. The first, Allan, not only gave me life, but gave me courage and strength. No fear. No fear of wild animals (just respect), no fear of love and laughter.
The second, John, was the answer to my childhood prayers for a Daddy to hold and take care of us. He taught me the joy of servanthood and modelled humility (which I still work on). His gentle way with animals always inspires me.
The third, Ernie, my husband's father, taught me unconditional acceptance and to seek my giftings. He is another awesome Godly man.
I have had 3 beautiful fathers that all loved me, cared for me, cried with me, and encourage me. They are wonderful Grampa's and Papa's to our girls and I was just struck by how each has added to my life.
I love you all.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Family Time

Last nite we went to Gregg's Folks for a belated "fall birthday" party, and this morning we had Grampa's famous pancakes. Kate and Ruth stayed nite, which was fun for them, and I realized later that "HEY, today is a school day! Oh well, day off with're ahead anyways!" What a blessing it was to not have to phone the school, or say "sorry, you can't stay at Grampa & Gramma's becuz you have school tomorrow." How often do they get an opportunity like that anyhow?

We have always felt so blessed to have this large, happy-for-the-most-part family. Your family and friends are the only things you can take with you.

We love you all.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday morning

It's Sunday morning!

I remember when I was little how rushed Sunday sometimes was. Mom & Dad thought it was the worst, becuz here you are trying to get ready to go to "church", and you're all ready to kill eachother. Tina would be in the bathroom for HOURS, re-doing her hair and make-up numerous times...I would have to go pee. Ahhhh sweet memories of waiting for her in the car.

Now, my girls come downstairs dressed for church, or almost. Ruth needs a shirt and tights. Kate is little miss shiny girl. Mei just woke up now, with the best bed-head and raspy voice ever. Gregg, my dear, is still sleeping soundly.

I've actually broken the rules of no work on Sunday and payed some bills on line. Now I should be in the shower to get ready for the day.

Today we are heading to Gregg's folks for the day. We will eat till our stomach's burst with fresh perioges, bacon and sausage. All smothered with cream sauce, and other cholestrol lovers. Then we will celebrate the fall birthdays that we couldn't before and pick names for Christmas. The 2 oldest will spend nite at Gramma and Grampa's, and we'll enjoy Grampa's famous pancakes in the morning. Feels like Christmas already! yum yum.

To all, I bid you adeux. have a great day.