Monday, October 31, 2005


As a child, I remember the anticipation of dressing up and going around town with our pillowcases and coming back home with a bag of loot. Sorting each item into piles, and Mom getting any peanuts or sunflowers, Dad trying to steal anything "good"...
It was always a fun day, but then reality sets in and I understood the history behind a hallowed evening...nothing we want to be a part of for sure.
So, Gregg & I have decided that our children don't need to be a part of it either. So, this year, we are again bringing muffins to our neighbours and heading out to the "farm" to hang out. The last few years have been "quiet" mischief-wise for us. No more slashed tires, etc. It seems like just an excuse to go out and be idiots and mean to normal folk and get away with it "just kids having fun".
Anyhow, the girls were excited about their new "hello kitty" underwear instead of candy treats. After reading "The Maker's Diet", we want to try to cut out sugar, but alas, that is hard to do!
Ummm, I also made "Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies" today. :) yummy yummy
Well, friends will be coming over for a play soon, girls are crating cheese for supper, and I should put this piles of clean laundry away...oh the boring life of a housewife. ha ha
Have a good day all, and enjoy some sugar!

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