Sunday, October 30, 2005

Date Nite with Zorro

last nite was Date Nite! We did the boring stuff first, like going to Princess Auto to look for speaker wire...then to Superstore for softener salt. We then zipped over to Kam lungs for chinese buffet, which we must say was simply delicious. If we would have had more time, we could have really gorged ourselves, but alas, we saved our waistlines and ran over to the theatre. Just in time to see the big Z slash across the screen...Zorro!
The whole time we kept thinking how much my Dad would laugh/cry throughout that movie! Can't wait to watch it with them.
So, we managed to be home by 10 pm and play some 9's with Alex & Gab and Paul. And Gregg mixed up some of what paul called "Strawberry Da-quer-ies" Very funny. Of course, Gab whipped all of our butts in 9's. She gets so stressed, but if she would just stop winning then maybe she wouldn't have so much stress! :)
Enjoyed our time "alone" and being goofy on the way home. SO refreshing.
I HIGHLY recommend Date Nite's!

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