Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Needle Ear Piercing ~ I finally did it!

After many many years of debate, I took the plunge and got my ears pierced by a needle.
When I was 18, I went with a roomie and we got our ears pierced by a piercing gun.  My ears didn't like it, they always seemed angry with me.  I got lumps in my ear lobes and while I wore real gold earrings, they never seemed to really heal.   I tried re piercing them too later on, but it still was bad and 
I now have scar tissue. 
I took out my pearl drop earrings the night of our wedding and couldn't get them in again in the morning.
"So much for that" said I
My hubby waited patiently almost 17 more years before I surprised him by getting them pierced again.
I am not one for pain  ... ha ha.

In all my research beforehand, I read that using a piercing gun can force your outer layer of skin INTO your inner ear lobe tissue and cause problems.  Problems like I had.
Piercing with a sharp needle is different.  It pushes the skin aside and is much cleaner.  
I was happy with the experience.  It was a little claustrophobic making because I had them do both at one time and that sorta invaded my personal space!  ha!

~Silly faces of Jo ~
 They were a little hot feeling at first, but I soon forgot about it.  I bought a cleaning spray and used it.  Now a month later, I forget all about them.  PERFECT!
I had the girls in the room with me to see what it was like, seeing as they are constantly asking as of late to get theirs done.  They still want to, but Daddy has not ruled on this one yet. IF they get their ears done, we will suggest this way to them seeing as I had nothing but trouble with mine before.

 The evening of....   and during the day, Mom took the girls to Tim Hortons while I went to work!  Good deal for them!

My hubby was absolutely surprised and loved that I got them done again.  It was a hard decision for me to make ~ I had to pray about it and decide if it was just cultural for me, etc, or if the Bible talked against it.  In my research I found nothing specific, just not to mutilate our bodies and mark it perhaps.  In Revelation it talks about the bride adorning herself with precious jewelry for her groom... so that is what I went with.  I was adoring myself for no one else than my earthly groom and my heavenly one.  Silly maybe, but the other thing was how in customs with slaves, they marked their ear to show they belonged to someone.  So now I am personally marked for Christ.  Not to find reasons to GET my ears pierced, but these are the things that go on in my head when I am wrestling with something.
Did I say my hubby LOVES them?  Hee hee, it was worth every penny and I don't see them being a problem this time!

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Caren said...

Good for you! A French exchange student once told me that if they get infected or sore to rub a little red wine on them each night. Never tried it, though. (I don't like wine so we've never had it in our house).