Friday, January 13, 2012

Some Christmas Presents

A BUNNY!  For my B'day I got a plastic model bunny, now for Christmas I got a fuzzy stuffed bunny, maybe for my Anniversary I'll get one that breathes?

New sweaters for me to cuddle up in... I am always so cold.
Hubby knows I like Holly Hobbie...and vintage hankies. 
What a sweetie

A lovely shrug from a sis in law.  Perfect fit and you know what, it is actually warm!  I love it!

Used my Christmas money from my inlaws for these stylish mucking-out-the-barn boots!
Funny side note, they are the same price at 10 year ago.  Interesting.
I bought them 1 size too big because I figure a certain child of mind may slip them on as well!

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