Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just little life tid bits

There are some things in our household that happen most often when Daddy is away.  
When he is out of the house.
When he won't see the mess...
it is better for everyone this way ~ anyone know what I mean?  Hee hee
Glitter glue is most definitely on that list!

 I don't know why I included that... she said something about her hair being like a boy, so she made this "uncle Troy" face.
Sometimes when Daddy is away, it is even nicer that my folks live a hop-skip-jump away.
to play Skippo
 are you watching the hand?????
 and make buggy eyes.  Notice the cookie.  Especially notice the little hand reaching out to move Papa's water glass from falling off the edge of the table.  It has been known to do that.  It is now a game... see how far Papa can get it to hang over before a child notices and saves it!
 Then you grab Nana and read her the silliest books from the Bookmobile.  This one was about "DOGS".  The favorite page was this of course "All dogs poop.  All dogs pee."  Then you move the lever and yes, there is a steady yellow stream when the dogs leg lifts on the tree.  Oh the joys!
 Trying to get a sweat on with Dance Dance Revolution.  It is too icy outside for other activities, so they are trying to get into shape for snowboarding by dancing.  Yes, oh my, dancing!
Dancing with Mayonnaise ????  Well, long story.  Kate bought some mayo to make some pretzel dip.  Forgot it in the van.  It froze.  She thought she may be able to shake it up like butter or whipcream and make it all good in the end.  She put forth a very valiant effort, but alas, it was deemed "gross" by Mei and it is in the garbage.  $4 down the drain... but it was worth the $4 watching them trying to coordinate arm movements with the dancing.  Highly amusing.

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