Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A happy treat in the mail box!

A little sweet something came in the mail today ~ from Angie and the New Life.  She is my sis in law and she has a creative brain, as I think I've mentioned on here before.

Awhile ago a thing went around on Facebook that the first 5 people to comment on your status would get something homemade from you.  I did very poorly at mine, though it is never far from my mind.  She did much better!   I just can never settle on something to make until it is too late!  I am planning something for Valentine's for mine.

This little house came to my home!

 Isn't it darling?  My first thought was to put something in it... but what?  Then I spotted these cuties waiting for their home...

For now this is their home, but I'm thinking I may place a small Bible and our little devotional inside this.  How much fun would that be to open up the little house each morning to grab your Bible?

Thanks Angie!

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