Friday, November 30, 2012

What to do with a "full blog"???

For all those "bloggers" out there ~ what do you do with your OLD BLOG?  I've heard of some printing it out.  How or with what site?

I did not use another storage site for photos, so my blog is full.  I hope to be able to change how I do things soon when we get different internet and have the capabilities for that.

Any ideas for me???

Monday, November 05, 2012

Bit 'n' Pieces of a Move

How I've been missing blogging!  Some day I will have internet again and I'll be able to do this up proper, but for now this will do.  The little lap top I'm working on is full, our big computer is full, my life is full and I am left here hunting around in boxes for things to help organize my life as it is.

At least there was no snow when this big load of 'stuff' arrived. 
Now there are sunken tire tracks on the front lawn.

Our "Cornpops" chicken decoration from our Pressy Lake neighbors,
one of the 1st things I put out.  Makes me smile.

This doesn't make me smile.  Lots of this happened.
Lots of this type of thing is still happening.  Finally got a car safetied and now it won't even start.
I am carless again, but we have a roof over our head and food in the freezer... nothing to complain about!
Hubby has been happy to get back to Calgary to put in some hours of paid work.  The plan is to hopefully get a bit of work around here as well to have him home a little more.

This is how you get a king size bed up the staircase.  We got a brother in law to help!  ha ha

This is "how not to decorate" for Thanksgiving.
Notice the sign our Ranch made for us "the Thiessens" with antlers?  Yeah, the gingerbread detailing and antlers don't quite match.  I think the sign is going on the workshop...

This is what our sitting room looked like for a few days. 
Not much sitting going on.
Now to find out where I can put my sewing ....

The move has been interesting.  So good to see familiar faces.  Had an old friend pop by with fresh cookies and we had tea again.  Good to catch up.  I am loving being a part of choir and will soon start going to a Beth Moore Bible study again.  The sense of community and like mindedness is so special.  Not to say that any move is easy though.  Can't believe the emotional roller coaster it can be.
Praising God right now for being WHO HE IS ~ never changing!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Starting Over

So we've been back to our old stomping grounds for almost 1 week already.  It has been busy.  Reconnecting with siblings and cousins and friends, trying to catch up.  Oh, and unpacking.

We really felt God calling us back and to be closer to family... that has been good.

Moving is never easy though.  We have been feeling very much like we are being tested and need to just stand strong.  It's weird to try to describe, a sort of oppression or test that comes your way in many little forms and little things. 

We are reminded of the importance of the family unit, strong within itself. Then the strength that comes from having others that care about you around you.

Life is good, God is good.  All these other things will in fact work out and hind sight will be 20/20.

Thankful for the warm welcome here, girls are settling in with some friends again, joining choir and youth groups.  Today I get to go for "coffee" with the coffee gals...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Cariboo "Happy Trails" Farewell

The time has come to say farewell to another chapter in our lives... some beautiful neighbors put together a potluck for us "Canyon Ranch" folks.  We felt truly blessed by it all!

They sent us home with homemade fruit wine (the kind that doesn't make your head go fuzzy!), cards, well wishes and blessings, a giant metal chicken (who the girls have named "CornPops") and an enlarged photo of the Canyon Ranch.
We have definitely made good memories on this ranch and have very much appreciated all the folks we have gotten to know here.  God has been good!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Big Dirt Bike Race 2012

Flag girl

The competitors ~ old man Thiessen & young man Duits

Gregg needed some pit crew help ~ the kick would fall off
taking the flag girl to the other end

Old man won on the 175cc Yamaha.  Young man on a 100 cc won the rockets candy and then took the 175cc for a little spin.  Young man could corner better on the turn around, but old man had a bit more power.  Or maybe that was the beans I fed him before hand...

Of Faith and Of LIghters

I am a little quirky, yes, my hubby tells me so.  When we moved to BC 4 years ago, I bought 1 cheap pack of matches.  We did, after all, now have wood heat.  The stove behind me has been our house's only heat source.  (Besides a little heater in the bathroom)  That means fires, lots of fires.

I didn't want to buy matches or lighters.... so I asked God if he would provide for a basic necessity ~ heat.... and something to make heat.  We gathered the wood, God sent lighters on the ground, matches left on parking lot pavement, lighters in clothes we purchased at a Thrift store... then these 2 from my Mom in law... just when our last lighter was running out.
Hat Creek Ranch

Dad taking photo of Mom outside Hat Creek Ranch restaurant
So other than finding joy in lighters, we have been packing to move back to Manitoba.  This past week I have been very overwhelmed with it all.  Hubby has just now arrived in MB with the first load of "stuff" and will come back for some more.

Feeding  baby Kate

Gift shop upstairs

Cut outs showing you how to walk UP & DOWN the stairs

Ashcroft "Desert Hills" produce ~ feeding the goats

See dee itty bitty goats?

Pretty used to this routine!

Feeding the lawn mowers

Cowgirl looking at the work horses

The seat is bouncy!

I am busy with all the "what do we sell?", "what goes in the garbage?", "what do we pack now?"
Sadly, I am not enjoying this part as much as the receiving of the lighters.
Her foot was stuck
Hubby is away for at least 3 weeks now, fixing up the back entrance porch in the house we will move to.  When he returns, I will have celebrated my own birthday and our youngest 9th birthday.  I will have successfully sold off many items (and delivered them 1 hour away to town) and also packed up most of our possessions.  Yes, I will.  This is my pump-me-up speech.

My folks took us girls away today to Hat Creek Ranch and Ashcroft for some local produce.  I didn't feel like going, but was so happy I did.  Came home ready to tackle the messy life I have right now.
Picking some raspberries, got just enough for 2 baskets

Oh, and did you know school starts Tuesday?  Yes, on this homeschooling Mom's birthday.  So nice.  I think we'll all play hooky and go to town instead!  HA HA, just because I can... and will...
Papa showing Mei the draft horse shoe

DQ to end off our day.  Disgusting slushy for Kate.
now excuse me while I go pack up more homeschool books that they don't need this month.  It's fun, really it is...  anyone believing me?