Monday, November 05, 2012

Bit 'n' Pieces of a Move

How I've been missing blogging!  Some day I will have internet again and I'll be able to do this up proper, but for now this will do.  The little lap top I'm working on is full, our big computer is full, my life is full and I am left here hunting around in boxes for things to help organize my life as it is.

At least there was no snow when this big load of 'stuff' arrived. 
Now there are sunken tire tracks on the front lawn.

Our "Cornpops" chicken decoration from our Pressy Lake neighbors,
one of the 1st things I put out.  Makes me smile.

This doesn't make me smile.  Lots of this happened.
Lots of this type of thing is still happening.  Finally got a car safetied and now it won't even start.
I am carless again, but we have a roof over our head and food in the freezer... nothing to complain about!
Hubby has been happy to get back to Calgary to put in some hours of paid work.  The plan is to hopefully get a bit of work around here as well to have him home a little more.

This is how you get a king size bed up the staircase.  We got a brother in law to help!  ha ha

This is "how not to decorate" for Thanksgiving.
Notice the sign our Ranch made for us "the Thiessens" with antlers?  Yeah, the gingerbread detailing and antlers don't quite match.  I think the sign is going on the workshop...

This is what our sitting room looked like for a few days. 
Not much sitting going on.
Now to find out where I can put my sewing ....

The move has been interesting.  So good to see familiar faces.  Had an old friend pop by with fresh cookies and we had tea again.  Good to catch up.  I am loving being a part of choir and will soon start going to a Beth Moore Bible study again.  The sense of community and like mindedness is so special.  Not to say that any move is easy though.  Can't believe the emotional roller coaster it can be.
Praising God right now for being WHO HE IS ~ never changing!

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