Saturday, December 31, 2011

The walk a bout Part 1

My inlaws came for an impromptu visit for Christmas.  Sounds so weird, but truthfully, we had no plans on them coming ~ they went to Manitoba to visit the other siblings there and with my Dad's surgery, we had no plans of going to Alberta to see them.  Oh how nice to have them arrive on Christmas Eve shortly after we finished our celebration.

When we get together out here on the ranch, we eat, we play games, we read books, we play with chickens and we go for walks.

Here are some pictures from one of those walks, more photos will come from another walk in another post.
Leaving home 

down a trail

look at the horses as we pass by

talk about the Pine Beetle kill trees

reach our destination ~ the ole abandoned homestead

watch out for glass and nails

look at the pretty wallpaper

discuss who may have built the home and why and what they may
have been like.

build a little snowman on the way home
for those behind to smile at

Do a little model pose

Capture the moment on film

Fresh Air does the body good


Ah, fresh air and a cup of tea to lift the spirits!

 The sun was shining and the flower boxes made for a great tea service!  I love Dad's cap too... advertising for the ranch.  He even wore it in the hospital!

visiting with neighbors while they got eggs and waited for the mail carrier

somebody wants a butter tart

Friday, December 30, 2011

A rescued jumper

I seem to remember getting this from the local Share Shed, but we scrounge around and pick up things so many places, I don't really know where this came from.

I put this on and wanted to be in a black and white movie.  I wanted to wear a hat and gloves and long jacket.  It was fun.  It needs some repairing on the seams and the hem line.  Since I wore it once, I will now invest some energy into repairing it as I loved the simple cut and also how warm it was in the winter weather.

So, here it is ~ complete with all the silly photos my hubby was taking and making me "dip your shoulder" and "point your toe"... blah blah blah and HA HA HA

Button back

"I'm DONE!"

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Dad gets "hip with it"

Nothing like a new hip ~ trying to figure out how to post about this while honoring my Dad's privacy and his incredibly humble nature.

Dad was injured many years ago while helping a neighbor get in a wild cow.  The cow turned on my Dad's horse and while the horse reared to escape injury, Dad's reins broke and Dad was thrown onto a fence.  We assume that he cracked his pelvis and never went to the Dr.  He was more concerned about getting the men some coffee.  That is my Dad.

After years of hard work, his hip wore down to bone on bone and while we prayed continuously for healing, it did not come miraculously, but through the health care system.  The miracle was in Dad's lack of pain until near the end when he could no longer get on or off the horse without pain.

Pizza before surgery the next day

Waiting in the dapper wardrobe they provide

After surgery, up and about and wearing Ruth's new hat
We praise God he is off pain meds completely, has very minimal swelling by evening and no bruising.  He says each day feels tighter and better!  Watching my Dad take his first steps with the new hip overwhelmed me ~ I've never been so proud!  

Checking off the bucket list ~ with Starbucks!

On my bucket list from a previous post, I had put "Go to Starbucks".  While I was in Kelowna for Dad's surgery, there was a Starbucks directly across from our motel.  How could I resist?
Here's a link to that post

I went to Starbucks!
 This is Starbucks version of a Red Velvet Whoopie Pie ~ sure not like I remember Loila's being!  I did eat it though and enjoyed it for what it was worth... ha ha.
My Caramel something or other drink and whoopie pie

Proof I've been to Starbucks.
The employee was very nice, but I doubt I will go back any time soon
Now to go check it off my bucket list.  Yes, I'm a little weird.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gift Giving part 2

I have tried uploading pictures 4 times now, so let's try one more time!
My gift from a sweet daughter

 Looks like Miss M is singing a song or something.
"It is a baby for my other one!"

A NEW DS (bought from someone in Calgary) at a
fraction of the price.  Girls love it!
 Their Uncle bought them a game called "Animal Crossing" and they love setting up their homes and yards!

New to me sweaters from my hubby ~ of course
they fit perfectly too

A small wash set (brown) from her sisters

A big bag o'stuff from "santa" an anonymous friend

Isn't she adorable?  Felted circles make her
hulla hulla very well!

Hand made "shrugs" from Auntie C
The above shrugs fit very nicely and are such a nice soft/shiny yarn too.  Kate was already looking at them and trying to figure out how she did it.  If only this Auntie lived closer, I'm sure our living room would be a mess of yarn, girls, needles and giggles!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The joy of gift giving and gift receiving!

I absolutely love the faces of gift giving and receiving!  Nothing beats this in my books!  I've also realized that I DO like receiving gifts as well....but nothing compares to the sheer joy of seeing my girls open presents.
We have had many Christmases where there are not many presents, but this year I sold some things to make some cash to spend specifically on the girls.  We shopped locally, through online websites and Thrift Stores and ended up with good value for the cash.  It was so thrilling.  We have never felt this way about giving our girls gifts.  It was a tough year, but this was a great way to top it off....enjoy some faces of gift giving!
Reading the story of Jesus in Luke

Neighbors brought the girls a BAG full of $$$
some was harder than others!

Opening her shovel ~ maybe she
can shovel all that money!

A quilt!  She loves these pretty kinds.  I found 2 matching twin
bed covers/pillow shams

clothes for their AG dolls

Mars bar for Daddy

She was SO excited about finally getting "Julie"!

Crochet hat for "Kit"