Saturday, December 31, 2011

The walk a bout Part 1

My inlaws came for an impromptu visit for Christmas.  Sounds so weird, but truthfully, we had no plans on them coming ~ they went to Manitoba to visit the other siblings there and with my Dad's surgery, we had no plans of going to Alberta to see them.  Oh how nice to have them arrive on Christmas Eve shortly after we finished our celebration.

When we get together out here on the ranch, we eat, we play games, we read books, we play with chickens and we go for walks.

Here are some pictures from one of those walks, more photos will come from another walk in another post.
Leaving home 

down a trail

look at the horses as we pass by

talk about the Pine Beetle kill trees

reach our destination ~ the ole abandoned homestead

watch out for glass and nails

look at the pretty wallpaper

discuss who may have built the home and why and what they may
have been like.

build a little snowman on the way home
for those behind to smile at

Do a little model pose

Capture the moment on film

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