Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

This year has been a little different for us with my Dad's hip surgery just before Christmas.  We had just returned from the hospital and went right into our Christmas Eve celebrations.

 While I was away, hubby took the girls to a friends for a decorating party ~ look at the lovely house they made together.  We especially liked the recycling of the box.  Ha ha.
 December 24th afternoon was time to go get a tree.  After talking about the whole getting a tree and decorating, and how much time it would take, they decided to get a smaller tree.  The hunt was on!

A little rough and tumble

A very loose tooth hanging out!

Moose tracks and a moose bed

Proof of the moose!

Found the perfect tree!

What is going on here?!

Lugging the tree home!

Someone placed these by our fence and mailboxes.
 What else is fun to do on Christmas Eve?  Pull out a wiggly tooth!

All she needs for Christmas is 5 front teeth!

Our little nativity and tree

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Angie Kroeker said...

Okay, I seriously laughed out loud when I saw the tree you picked out. When you said smaller tree I imagined, maybe a five footer, even four. But the total two feet that it makes up was not the picture I saw. I LOVE it. Charlie Brown would be all over that. Merry Christmas to you all.