Monday, December 26, 2011

The joy of gift giving and gift receiving!

I absolutely love the faces of gift giving and receiving!  Nothing beats this in my books!  I've also realized that I DO like receiving gifts as well....but nothing compares to the sheer joy of seeing my girls open presents.
We have had many Christmases where there are not many presents, but this year I sold some things to make some cash to spend specifically on the girls.  We shopped locally, through online websites and Thrift Stores and ended up with good value for the cash.  It was so thrilling.  We have never felt this way about giving our girls gifts.  It was a tough year, but this was a great way to top it off....enjoy some faces of gift giving!
Reading the story of Jesus in Luke

Neighbors brought the girls a BAG full of $$$
some was harder than others!

Opening her shovel ~ maybe she
can shovel all that money!

A quilt!  She loves these pretty kinds.  I found 2 matching twin
bed covers/pillow shams

clothes for their AG dolls

Mars bar for Daddy

She was SO excited about finally getting "Julie"!

Crochet hat for "Kit"

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