Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Party Fun

What a difference a year makes!

Every year we hold a Valentine's Day theme party at our house.  This year we passed a milestone with the "little cousins" that we have over ~ we read 3 stories and we played a game!  When you have a lot of little ones together, there is often no time to sit and listen to a story.  It was so sweet to see them all piled up on the couch and enjoying having a silly story read out loud.  Honestly, my heart felt so full!

We had 4 little boys and 2 little girls over for the cousin party.  We read 3 books, then we made some Valentines, had a little snack and then played a little game with the 4 little boys.  We broke our Valentine's card making record as well this year.  Each child made some on their own and started to get the idea that they were to give to others, not to themselves.  So fun watching their personalities shine through.

We missed the hole punch while we were baby proofing
We always do a mad dash around the house, frantically looking for items that are not baby safe.  Guess we missed the hole punch and the ladies got to clean up some confetti.

Last year he was so new, now he's so old
 No pictures were taken to prove that we read books, but indeed we did read "Uncle Farley's False Teeth" and "Sitting on the Farm"...
 Making cards for our cousins

 Not everyone is a big fan of the "spicy" cinnamon hearts.  "Here Kate, you can have the spicy ones" or if you don't like it, just swallow it fast and you won't have to suffer.
 The conversation hearts went down easier, but as one little girl stated "This makes my cheek hurt" as she was chopping them down.

 The Mom's had a little time to sip some apple tea

...and a little time to play with babies

 We discovered we had a bit more time, so we got out the game of "hot potatoe with a twist".  It was Hot Walrus instead.  When the Anne Murray "Inch Worm" or "Hippo in the bathtub" song stopped playing, the person left holding the Walrus would have to pick a paper out of the hat.
 You must do as the paper says...

 ...sing the ABC's song....
 ...Do a crazy dance....
 ...meow like a cat...
 ...waddle like a duck...

 ...hug your Mom...

 ...make a chicken noise...
 ...high 5 the people beside you...

 SURPRISE!  Look who crashed our party!

 Now Uncle can play too!
 Hummm the music stopped on Uncle's turn!  ha ha
 ...make a silly face...
 ...pat your head and rub your tummy...
 ...make a fishy face... like a bird...
 ...hop on one foot?...act like a crazy kid?  hummm

oh no!  Auntie got thrown the Walrus and the music stopped!

...stand on one foot like a pro!  oh ya!

Someone not only likes to wear sweaters, he also likes hats

Uncles are great at eating leftover biscuits and fruit

This flubber stuff is weird!

The day before we had a little party with a few friends.  It had turned out to be a snow day, so it was a bit spur of the moment, but they had fun.

Fine china for Valentine's tea time

Making some more Valentine's

 They are very goofy, and even more so when the camera comes out.

 This is one of the girls with her "date" for the day
All the girls with their "dates"

Daddy approved dates.

Making supper is fun when you're with a friend

Kate did Miss S hair into a heart shaped twist

Fruit kabob's

We all have that one friend... ha ha

Can't wait to show Mr. T our Valentine ~ Duck Dynasty style!
 I always enjoyed Valentine's Day as a young girl.  We would "help" Mom make a special supper for Dad.  My sister would insist on getting out Mom's Lavender Rose china and candles.  There would always be a Valentine for us from our folks and some cinnamon heart candies.  We loved making this holiday special for Mom and Dad.  It was often calving season, so they'd have a special supper "in" and we kids felt so secure in them loving each other and us.

Our girls have taken on Valentine's as one of their favorite holidays too, so now we seem to have a tradition of doing a friend's party each year.  Valentine's ~ a great time to celebrate how much we appreciate those around us.