Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Officially 31 !!!!

Oh but I am so so so excited to have reached the big 31 !! Anyone who knows me at ALL, knows just how much I "enjoyed" being 30.

My dear husband arranged for approx. 50 people to show up for a potluck weiner roast on my birthday! It was a lot of fun, just even seeing who showed up! Friends from long ago and new.

It was amusing in a sad sort of way how this all came to be.... the surprise party and all. I have been feeling rather blue or "blah" for a long time and when the girls were asking what they could do for my birthday, I gave them some ideas. One was "a party".
"But who would we invite Mom?"
"oh, some of mommy's friends"
"but Mom, you don't have friends..."

Oh, the sweet innocence and bluntness of children...enough to make a 30 year old cry.
So, Daddy got on the phone to prove them wrong.
So, yes indeed, I feel loved, even if they all came for the food, it was well worth it. I will be trying to post some pictures of the party, so take a peek if you wish.

We have decided against an Oriental type theme for our living space and instead are moving to a "barnyard fresh" motif.
Also, see the photo page.
What fun Gregg and I had yesterday ripping our walls apart. Lathe and plaster anyone?

Well, I will try to do the photos now, should take me the rest of the evening with my "skills"