Saturday, November 26, 2005

Pathetic days

I am always amazed at HOW pathetic a child can look when they aren't feeling well...
Case in point: Ruth. Her eyes get droppy, baggy underneath. She looks listless and sorta lies around, whining words that we can't understand. And she complains of being cold (as she sits in a skirt and short sleeve shirt) when she is normally a little heater.
Mei: Her eyes are a pretty shade of red and very runny. She sneezes and boggers run to her mouth. She also whines words no one understands, but she is just 2 afterall. She wants milk, then proceeds to spew it right back up like a milk fountain. Then wants more. She wakes up in the night coughing, then tells me "bye, I ovfe ou" FIRST TIME I love you! so sweeet

The rest of us are feeling fine, thankfully.
I've been working at the hardware and enjoying my time with the regulars...some are so sweet, others, well, whatever! I sold a mermaid from the art gallery, bunch of garden stuff, and some agricultural stuff. stuff. stuff. Good day though.

Personally, I've been wanting to implement the Maker's Diet into our lives more, but still have no real appetite, which may signal that I really do NEED the Maker's Diet. hummmm So today I made real whole wheat and flax buns. And K.D. Hummm once again. We do have homemade chicken noodle soup that Gab finished making for me while she was "aunting" the girls. So nice to have her around, becuz I never worry about the girls and her like I really worried, but wanted to make sure she was "comfortable" in her role I guess.

Can't wait for Christmas! Very excited this year again!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"feels like old times Mom..."

As said by Kate, as she was playing and doing school at the hardware.
Feels like old times.
I went to work at the Hardware this morning, Gregg and the girls came after Ruth was done preschool. We had lunch in the lunchroom, Mei napped by the bathrooms, and we ran around and visited and re-organized, and did bookwork, and such. Very weird, but good. Not enough sleep last nite though!
Tomorrow I will go to the store with all 3 girls and see how it goes, and for how long we last. Gregg just went back to the store to set up the electronic babysitter in the girls little play area (the old ticket wicket area).
Made muffins tonite for the girls, and brought some of their little things to play and color with. I will need to bring the camera to get some shots of Mei with the plungers! Funny how all of our girls loved to play with the same things at the hardware! ha ha.
Good night all, and Jesus Bless You. Today Kate read me a little poem that said "hi, it's me, I am in control, all your worries and troubles leave to me. I've got it, don't worry. From God"
So, don't worry, God's got it, and rest easy.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Fight and Flight Response

I remember learning about the Fight and Flight response in high school and in university. How the body reacts to certain stimuli to either fight and protect itself or young, etc. OR to run like stink!
I have had a few "major" stresses and surprises in my wee little life in the past and I have come to realize HOW I react to the stressors. My first reaction is not to sit and cry. My first reaction is always...okay... "what now?" "what needs to be done right now to get thru this phase?" Later on I may lie down in the fetal position and cry, but not until everything is "done".
We received some news today that actually gave me a slightly different of "man, I'm going to puke". I didn't mind you, but I was very nauseous. Funny thing stress.
I find it interesting today how everyone reacts to the same stressor, totally individually. Gregg just wants to sleep, I want to get everything over with.
That's a thought for today. nothing exciting. Nothing fun today I guess.....besides we made more snowmen and snowducks and a snowturtle...that was fun.
Oh, and Mei sat on the potty while I read her a book, and she didn't even scream! That is a praise item! We have to get rid of the fear of the potty, so that was a big step.
Good nite all!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Kidless for the weekend

Wow. What a weird feeling to not have any of the children for a whole weekend at home.
What ever should we do? Should we go to the city for supper, movie? Shoot some pool? Go clubbing? Heck, we have NEVER gone clubbing! Well, after work was done, we decided to save the gas $, stay home and do a movie marathon night. So we bought some chicken cordon bleu, made some hot dip, and relaxed with 4 movies. Ended up at Paul's to watch some on the "big screen", and stayed up until 5 am. The last time I stayed up until past 1am would have to be the moments when I was birthing our children. It's just not something a parent of young children does without bad consequences...ha ha. Ahhhh...slept in until 2 pm! Can't remember doing that recently, except for the time I was horribly sick...but that doesn't count becuz it wasn't fun related.
So now Mom is storm stayed here after bringing the children home just in time for a storm. Gregg & Mom are playing "cribbage" and I just got back from one of my MK desert parties.
It was so nice to have the freedom of doing and being what we my thought for the day would be to do something you haven't for awhile.
It sure felt nice!

Snowed in!

We are officially snowed in today. No school for Ruthie, Gregg didn't go to work yesterday nite, and Nana brought the girls back just in time to be storm stayed at our house. So, we've been relaxing and Mom & I watched "Raising Helen", which was really good and clean.
OH, and I bet you're all wondering whatever did we do for fun with a weekend being "kidless"....well...we stayed up to 5 am watching movies at Paul's! Also went dump-running, slept until 2 pm, etc. I haven't stayed up that late since the days I was in labor, birthing children. So it felt like we didn't have any kids for sure. We vacummed the living room and for some reason it stayed clean without paper snipettes for the whole 2 days. Wonder why?
We got pretty lonely though by the time they came home.
SO, this morning we made cinnamon buns, which I am presentally smelling their delicious aroma!
The girls are making snipettes upstairs with Nana, lots of snowflakes. "we need more sticky tac mom!"
I am doing the first nite of "MK Desert Party" and am hoping that with the weather I still have some show up. It is getting lots of good response though. It'll be fun anyhow.
Well, have a great day all!
"christmas time's a comin'!"

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Life changing moments

I've been thinking about how one second in time can totally change your life. Like the switch on the railroad track...nope, now you're going that-a-way!
There are things in our life right now that will determine in a way which we shall go. Little decisions, big decisions, all our decisions will affect the direction. The scary thing is, that OTHERS decisions have so much affect too. Look at the person who decides for one moment that they will run a stop sign. In that moment, they decided to take another's life. That is a dramatic example...ummm...but sometimes something small and seemingly unimportant can have a deep impact. A person's words. A person's smile or laugh. Everything.
I'm constantly reminded of how basically everything I do can effect positively/negatively. So today I pray that God will grant grace...i need grace! But think of this...I can in my humaness say something "insensitive" to a person, but then they can decide to let it bounce off! What is grace? They decided to grant grace to me...and for that I will be thankful for.
I think I'm tired and worn out today, praying that Gregg will have a good night shift with only a few hours sleep between. My poor man would solve the world's problem's if only he could by loving them all to death!
Well, right now I will decide to get myself to bed so I will have the good consequence of being rested tomorrow so my dear hubby will be able to hopefully rest up. So wheat bags and monkey, here I come!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Giving up...

Well, last night Gregg & I were both wasted from a hard day at work, and a hard day of Mary Kay. So, I turned out the light to hear Gregg say, let's read the Bible. Well, that meant I needed to turn the light back on and reach for the Bible. I was feeling discouraged with my Mary Kay because I've been meeting new people, having fun, etc, feeling in God's will, but no $$ coming in. So I opened up to Acts 14:19. Paul had been preaching and they actually STONED him, DRAGGED him out the city (thinking he was dead), where his friends surrounded him, prayed, he got up and left the next day and KEPT PREACHING!
So, the lesson on the side of our Bible talked of just keep going. It talked of a young boy going onto a piano stage before the "master" could come out and started to play "chopsticks" on the piano! The crowd was trying to get him off the stage, the "master" hearing this, rushed onto the stage and started a duet with the young boy. As they were playing, the "master" kept telling the young boy "just keep playing, keep going, don't stop son".
What a neat picture that was in my mind.
So, I turned off the light and said to Gregg, "too bad God never speaks to me, I got absolutely NOTHING out of that passage!"
So, I will keep going, even if it is to just teach me something. I love making women feel pretty for the moment, so I will keep going.
Gregg helps people if even just for a moment, so he will keep going.

And my dear children will grumpily keep on keeping on with their cleaning of their room! HEE HEE.
Good night All!