Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"feels like old times Mom..."

As said by Kate, as she was playing and doing school at the hardware.
Feels like old times.
I went to work at the Hardware this morning, Gregg and the girls came after Ruth was done preschool. We had lunch in the lunchroom, Mei napped by the bathrooms, and we ran around and visited and re-organized, and did bookwork, and such. Very weird, but good. Not enough sleep last nite though!
Tomorrow I will go to the store with all 3 girls and see how it goes, and for how long we last. Gregg just went back to the store to set up the electronic babysitter in the girls little play area (the old ticket wicket area).
Made muffins tonite for the girls, and brought some of their little things to play and color with. I will need to bring the camera to get some shots of Mei with the plungers! Funny how all of our girls loved to play with the same things at the hardware! ha ha.
Good night all, and Jesus Bless You. Today Kate read me a little poem that said "hi, it's me, I am in control, all your worries and troubles leave to me. I've got it, don't worry. From God"
So, don't worry, God's got it, and rest easy.

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