Friday, November 18, 2005

Fight and Flight Response

I remember learning about the Fight and Flight response in high school and in university. How the body reacts to certain stimuli to either fight and protect itself or young, etc. OR to run like stink!
I have had a few "major" stresses and surprises in my wee little life in the past and I have come to realize HOW I react to the stressors. My first reaction is not to sit and cry. My first reaction is always...okay... "what now?" "what needs to be done right now to get thru this phase?" Later on I may lie down in the fetal position and cry, but not until everything is "done".
We received some news today that actually gave me a slightly different of "man, I'm going to puke". I didn't mind you, but I was very nauseous. Funny thing stress.
I find it interesting today how everyone reacts to the same stressor, totally individually. Gregg just wants to sleep, I want to get everything over with.
That's a thought for today. nothing exciting. Nothing fun today I guess.....besides we made more snowmen and snowducks and a snowturtle...that was fun.
Oh, and Mei sat on the potty while I read her a book, and she didn't even scream! That is a praise item! We have to get rid of the fear of the potty, so that was a big step.
Good nite all!

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Beautifull Crustation said...

Jo it seems I am not the only one who comes to deeper thoughts when the stresses of life over come me. I am sorry to hear about the stress in your life it is gross. I think I am more of the "flight" responder. So I run like stink. We all have our way. Keep on fighting even if it is just to stay alive. God will continue to give you the strength He has given so far.