Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Snowed in!

We are officially snowed in today. No school for Ruthie, Gregg didn't go to work yesterday nite, and Nana brought the girls back just in time to be storm stayed at our house. So, we've been relaxing and Mom & I watched "Raising Helen", which was really good and clean.
OH, and I bet you're all wondering whatever did we do for fun with a weekend being "kidless"....well...we stayed up to 5 am watching movies at Paul's! Also went dump-running, slept until 2 pm, etc. I haven't stayed up that late since the days I was in labor, birthing children. So it felt like we didn't have any kids for sure. We vacummed the living room and for some reason it stayed clean without paper snipettes for the whole 2 days. Wonder why?
We got pretty lonely though by the time they came home.
SO, this morning we made cinnamon buns, which I am presentally smelling their delicious aroma!
The girls are making snipettes upstairs with Nana, lots of snowflakes. "we need more sticky tac mom!"
I am doing the first nite of "MK Desert Party" and am hoping that with the weather I still have some show up. It is getting lots of good response though. It'll be fun anyhow.
Well, have a great day all!
"christmas time's a comin'!"

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