Saturday, November 26, 2005

Pathetic days

I am always amazed at HOW pathetic a child can look when they aren't feeling well...
Case in point: Ruth. Her eyes get droppy, baggy underneath. She looks listless and sorta lies around, whining words that we can't understand. And she complains of being cold (as she sits in a skirt and short sleeve shirt) when she is normally a little heater.
Mei: Her eyes are a pretty shade of red and very runny. She sneezes and boggers run to her mouth. She also whines words no one understands, but she is just 2 afterall. She wants milk, then proceeds to spew it right back up like a milk fountain. Then wants more. She wakes up in the night coughing, then tells me "bye, I ovfe ou" FIRST TIME I love you! so sweeet

The rest of us are feeling fine, thankfully.
I've been working at the hardware and enjoying my time with the regulars...some are so sweet, others, well, whatever! I sold a mermaid from the art gallery, bunch of garden stuff, and some agricultural stuff. stuff. stuff. Good day though.

Personally, I've been wanting to implement the Maker's Diet into our lives more, but still have no real appetite, which may signal that I really do NEED the Maker's Diet. hummmm So today I made real whole wheat and flax buns. And K.D. Hummm once again. We do have homemade chicken noodle soup that Gab finished making for me while she was "aunting" the girls. So nice to have her around, becuz I never worry about the girls and her like I really worried, but wanted to make sure she was "comfortable" in her role I guess.

Can't wait for Christmas! Very excited this year again!

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