Thursday, November 10, 2005

Life changing moments

I've been thinking about how one second in time can totally change your life. Like the switch on the railroad track...nope, now you're going that-a-way!
There are things in our life right now that will determine in a way which we shall go. Little decisions, big decisions, all our decisions will affect the direction. The scary thing is, that OTHERS decisions have so much affect too. Look at the person who decides for one moment that they will run a stop sign. In that moment, they decided to take another's life. That is a dramatic example...ummm...but sometimes something small and seemingly unimportant can have a deep impact. A person's words. A person's smile or laugh. Everything.
I'm constantly reminded of how basically everything I do can effect positively/negatively. So today I pray that God will grant grace...i need grace! But think of this...I can in my humaness say something "insensitive" to a person, but then they can decide to let it bounce off! What is grace? They decided to grant grace to me...and for that I will be thankful for.
I think I'm tired and worn out today, praying that Gregg will have a good night shift with only a few hours sleep between. My poor man would solve the world's problem's if only he could by loving them all to death!
Well, right now I will decide to get myself to bed so I will have the good consequence of being rested tomorrow so my dear hubby will be able to hopefully rest up. So wheat bags and monkey, here I come!

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