Sunday, November 06, 2005

Giving up...

Well, last night Gregg & I were both wasted from a hard day at work, and a hard day of Mary Kay. So, I turned out the light to hear Gregg say, let's read the Bible. Well, that meant I needed to turn the light back on and reach for the Bible. I was feeling discouraged with my Mary Kay because I've been meeting new people, having fun, etc, feeling in God's will, but no $$ coming in. So I opened up to Acts 14:19. Paul had been preaching and they actually STONED him, DRAGGED him out the city (thinking he was dead), where his friends surrounded him, prayed, he got up and left the next day and KEPT PREACHING!
So, the lesson on the side of our Bible talked of just keep going. It talked of a young boy going onto a piano stage before the "master" could come out and started to play "chopsticks" on the piano! The crowd was trying to get him off the stage, the "master" hearing this, rushed onto the stage and started a duet with the young boy. As they were playing, the "master" kept telling the young boy "just keep playing, keep going, don't stop son".
What a neat picture that was in my mind.
So, I turned off the light and said to Gregg, "too bad God never speaks to me, I got absolutely NOTHING out of that passage!"
So, I will keep going, even if it is to just teach me something. I love making women feel pretty for the moment, so I will keep going.
Gregg helps people if even just for a moment, so he will keep going.

And my dear children will grumpily keep on keeping on with their cleaning of their room! HEE HEE.
Good night All!

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