Friday, July 29, 2011

Lake of the Trees Bible Camp

I was blessed to serve as a cooks assistant for Squirts Camp at LOTT Camp.  It was only 2 days and I had committed to this in the winter time.  Thought many of my friend's children would be attending as well as my own daughter, so maybe seeing my face would help them "feel at home".  I got many smiles and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.
My home with three teenagers
 I had my choice to sleep all alone in a cabin or bunk in with three teenage girls.  "ZaZoo" was my cabin helper last week and she said I should come in with them.  Turns out she also lives not that far away from us!  Small world and she is a wonderful girl.  I had fun bunking with them.
The camp is right on the lake, see how close my cabin was.  The kids cabins are not (probably a safety thing) but I loved waking up to the lake!
Playground fun

Water fun...Mei is making a river
 The weather has been rainy and cold for weeks on end, so most children stayed pretty close to the shore.  The lake has a shallow and clear sandy beach where the kids can watch the fish swimming.   So cool!

A typical scene ~ the Directors wife and my friend J, little C in the carrier

Mei says swimming with her Crocs on makes her float

Lining up in Cabin groups

Hard working Mr. Rogers, head cook

Wild Tiger!

Making cinnamon buns...lots of good help 
 "Poppins", "ZaZoo" and "Mr. Rogers" in the kitchen.  We got to be a pretty good team!  The "Work crew" staff they have is wonderful to help newbies know the ropes.  The work crew program is great to teach general maintenance, multi tasking, cleaning, etc and I want my girls to go through it.  They also do lots of devotions and Bible teaching to grow these kids up for service for God...everywhere they go!
Yummy sticky cinnamon buns.  We fed 85 people and had 3 large trays left over!
 The last morning of camp, the kitchen always serves "breakfast in bed" to the campers.  Cinnamon buns, sausage, orange slices and chocolate or regular milk.  I was amazed at the reactions of campers to this.  So many had never had breakfast in bed and they felt so special.  
Purple shirts are staffers...ever present and involved with the children.
They truly are amazing!

More playground fun!
I will post more on my general feelings later, just wanted to get something into the blog!

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