Friday, July 08, 2011

I have decided

... to stop shopping.

What?  Jo do you ever go shopping now?  Well, we grocery shop.  I am not going to grocery shop.  I will make 1 exception...milk, butter, or if something unforeseen comes up...but it has to be pretty big.

I'm going to see how long I can go.  The Mastercard bill just came in, so what better time than now?

This site is partially responsible ~ ~ Great website.

Wish me luck or send a prayer my way.  I have not stocked up or prepared in any special way for this.  I am so tired of the expensive prices locally anyhow.

UPDATE:  I've got one brave soul joining me...trying 2 weeks to start off.  Anyone else?  I bet there's a lot of food in your pantry and lettuce should be growing in your gardens already....


candibaby said...

Nothing is growning my garden yet. Not enough to actually help with food. :( And we don't have eggs or meat handy, but I will do it partially with you. Pantry items and what I have in the freezer. :) But I do have to buy dairy stuff and fruit/veggies. :) You like that website eh? Did you find it on my blog?? See you soon!

LAUREN said...

I love your blog! I see you're in Canada! I'm in Mississippi! Ha! I know we don't know eachother, but I read your blog constantly! It reminds me of how people lived back in the Old days and I just love it! I have started a garden of my own, but haven't gotten much out of it yet. Blooms are on my squash.. I just waited too long to plant! Courage to continue writing!!!

LAUREN said...

I just love your blog and random ideas! I wish there was a way that we could go without grocery shopping! Good thing you have girls that don't eat you out of a house and home!

Jo said...

Thanks Ladies,
Lauren, in Canada our grocery prices seem much higher. A bag of white flour, 10 kg, on sale is $10. Refried beans in a can on sale $2. A loaf of whole wheat bread anywhere from $2.50-$5/loaf. A head of lettuce $1.50, Apples about $1.50/lb. Bananas on sale .79/lb. This is why I garden, we eat "wild meat" and make most items ourselves. I had a bit of a frustrating week, so it came out in my blog....ha ha. We often go 3 weeks without really shopping, so I'm just trying to be really thrifty for awhile. Keep enjoying the blog, if there is something else you'd like to see...let me know!

LAUREN said...

I didn't mean to comment twice! It said the first one didn't post, so then I did another one! Sorry! Thanks for the information! I have never been to Canada, so I didn't know! Things here are definitely not that high, although I catch myself complaining a lot about the prices of things. What's gas run around there? It is 3.45 here right now. Which is high to us! I try not to travel much except back and forth to work and school. I'm working on being frugal! I'm just 20 though, and it's hard to do that at that age! ha! I'm learning though, just slowly!