Friday, July 15, 2011

God's Bounty ~ Straw babies!

Wild Strawberries
My littlest one and I went out on a wild strawberry hunt.  Our ranch yard is full of them, although not all seem to produce.  OR the little birdies got them first.  We picked 1 cup of berries before I could no longer stand the little black flies ... my neck is swollen and itchy with bites.  Hubby is now picking up baby oil and citronella oil for me so I can go pick some more.
The bigger berry on the right was from our tame strawberries.  I love how my littlest has always called them "strawbabies".
YUM YUM.  A special treat.

UPDATE: On my "NO shopping".  I did purchase some shampoo/conditioner and also some cherries and apricots from the fruit man.  I had already committed to that, but was very disappointed in the quality/quantity for my money.  I think we will make a trip to Ashcroft later and purchase our own from farmers there.  So far our meals have been excellent.  Made my own tortilla wraps, and frankly, anything tastes good in a wrap!
Tonight it is Moose Stew.

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