Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thiessen Take Out Pizza

I love my silly girls...notice the captions!

Sorry it's sideways, it keeps reverting to this

Girls made up a menu like a Take Out restaurant for my folks and the ranch managers/workers.  They did it all with a silly little computer program and it worked out nicely.  I love the sayings and pictures THEY chose.  Mom and Dad cashed their coupon in and Mom ended up with a heart shaped pizza, Dad's was a loaded meat pizza.  It was a lot of fun and the rest have decided to have a big pizza party!  I'll post those pictures after it actually happens!

Happily posing with their menu/coupon and pizzas!

Putting some muscle into it

He looks excited.

Having Nana and Papa just next door leads to so many great opportunities to share and learn.  They seemed to be enjoying their Thiessen Take Out experience.  Sure beats waking up with rubber snakes on your pillow or hanging from the ceiling. (other fun experiences when you live so close!)

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