Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Make your Own Laundry Soap or Detergents

This is the best site and article I have seen explaining how to and answering all questions involved with making your own laundry soap.  Make the dry powder or the liquid gel type.  So much cheaper and less abrasive on your clothes and skin.  I have been experimenting with my own and go between using Sunlight bar soap (the yellow bars) but because I have to special order that in around "these here parts", I have also used Ivory bar soap.  I also have put in SAE powder laundry soap in with mine.  (My sis in law was selling this) It gives it a nice boost!
I ran out of dryer fabric softener sheets awhile ago and have just never replaced them.  If you don't over dry your clothes, you don't really need it.  There are lots of recipes for vinegar type fabric softeners if you need to use some.  I can't imagine washing and drying "Fleecey" fabrics without it!

Hope you like it!  There's 10 options on this one!
Tipnuts Homemade Laundry Detergent

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karen said...

I've been using Dr Bronners bar soap with great results. A little more expensive, but less greying of my whites. But I am sure you would have to special order that where you are too:)