Tuesday, July 05, 2011

July 1st Celebration Time

Every year a wonderful retired couple, living "off grid" have a celebration of July 1st.  We all head out there with our potluck goodies and enjoy some games for the kids and horseshoes for the men.  Then we share a meal and draw for some prizes.  It is a great time to catch up with some people that we usually only see once a year!
With our favorite Cloudy

Water balloon toss ~ lots broke in the air!  Fun anyhow!

Aw, sack races

Frankly, he's another of our favorites...these 2 are quite the  pair.

3 legged race with friends

This should be good ~ boys have showed up ~ boys against girls!

Does this look fair to you?

Help has arrived!

Oh oh, maybe not enough help...look at the other side now!

Something is still wrong!  ha ha

Horseshoe tournament

My Dad, the man who never plays threw the most "ringers"

Name the puppy contest...I think she ended up as Kodi or Bear short for Kodiak  Bear

I saw Mei sitting by herself, with a little puppy, then these girls said
"We'll go sit with her!"  So sweet.  Mei's friend had gone to get more food!

Papa won some great walking sticks and gave one away to another of
 our  favorite people.

Mei won some baskets, but she hasn't let me have them :(

OH oh, here comes trouble!

 Getting good at throwing those water balloons!

Friends make good arm rests.
...and good targets!

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