Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Frostbite on chicken's combs ~ Rooster black comb

Well, I have posted about this a bit before and had lots of hits on it.  This unfortunately is the same rooster... he must be prone to weirdness (as they girls say)  Here is the earlier post from this summer.
Rooster Black Swollen Comb ~ Click HERE

We reached -40C without the windchill in effect the other day and this was the result when our heaters couldn't keep up in the barn.  The heat lamps were just above the water and still could barely keep the water open.  IT WAS COLD!  The heat from the chickens bodies kept them warm, but someday we will build a good barn of our own!
Just after  -40C, frostbite
 This is "Brownie" who turned out to be a Leghorn Rooster.  Isn't he handsome?  He now sports a frostbite black line in his comb and some spots on his wattle.  We'll see how much falls off.

UPDATE ~ 3 WEEKS later ~
Below is a photo of the same rooster and the top of his comb has shriveled and it has started to fall off at the front.  It will all fall off soon we think, but he is not otherwise affected.

3 weeks later, blackened and falling off

"Tweety Bird" Japanese Rooster also sporting a little  frostbite tips
 This was just a cute picture of "Crystal" our White Silkie hen and "Mr. Bean" our dark/black Brahma rooster.

 On the left is one of the leghorn hens with a large comb as well... it didn't get frostbite.
 Here is "Licorice" who we hatched out from an egg from our neighbors.  She is super friendly and sweet.  She loves her eggs and we can't wait for spring to see if she will hatch some out.
 Licorice and Tweety (a Japanese Buff Rooster)
 Here Licorice demonstrates how they tuck eggs underneath themselves.  They will gently steal them from your hands as well....
 Where did it go?  ha ha
Good night!


Steenybopper said...

Love the title - Rooster Black Comb! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, What breed is Licorice? She's pretty. :)

Jolene Thiessen said...

We don't know what licorice is. She is still alive and lays a little greenish blue egg every now and then. Black legs. Small comb. She flies straight up like a helicopter too. We joke she's part pigeon. She's over 8 years old now.