Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Walk a bout Part 2

A different walk for a different time... this time women only and with sleds!

 Out past the mailboxes and the "smiley guys"
Down the road

Hitch a ride from Duchess 

She doesn't mush too straight

Follow the cute little tracks in the snow

Visit the old Tim Horton's cup along the Lost Valley road

Let er fly!

A train complete with a Puppy Engine

My bonus Mommy from my hubby :)

My Mommy who's always a bonus

 Stop to visit with the ranch manager's son, heading off to work

 Heading home, down the big hill 
 Visit with the horses again, "which one is your favorite?"
Kate's edited photo of the horses.  
It's a fun life just hanging around and doing the simple things. 
A great reminder to stop and seize the moments ~
don't wish them away for something else

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