Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fresh Homemade Whole Grain Bread ~ yum!

My folks bought some organic wheat (too bad it couldn't have also been an original type of wheat and not all these adapted/modified wheats) so we've been grinding our own wheat again.
I had a request for RYE bread.  Well, if you've ever worked with rye, you'll probably have an experience trying to cut a "BRICK" of rye bread.  It gets very heavy, very fast.
We used less rye flour in this and didn't mix it until it was smooth ~ it was still a little sticky and we put it DIRECTLY into greased pans.  Let it rise (and it rose fast!) and baked it.
TA DA!  
This was rye, whole wheat, flax, honey and a little oatmeal on top bread.  
Super yum, which means today is baking day again ~ off I go!

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Tara said...

Yum Jo, this look amazing! Is it something us normal folk can make with store-bought non-organic wheat flour? I've recently got into making my own bread. I'm very much a novice as I've only tried two recipes, but loved both and even little Natasha (at 5) told me she likes my whole wheat break more than store stuff! Blew my mind cuz kids always like fluffy, light store stuff. So will you be posting a recipe for this bread. Does it use dry active yeast? (cuz I can't find instant in the UK)