Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Kidless for the weekend

Wow. What a weird feeling to not have any of the children for a whole weekend at home.
What ever should we do? Should we go to the city for supper, movie? Shoot some pool? Go clubbing? Heck, we have NEVER gone clubbing! Well, after work was done, we decided to save the gas $, stay home and do a movie marathon night. So we bought some chicken cordon bleu, made some hot dip, and relaxed with 4 movies. Ended up at Paul's to watch some on the "big screen", and stayed up until 5 am. The last time I stayed up until past 1am would have to be the moments when I was birthing our children. It's just not something a parent of young children does without bad consequences...ha ha. Ahhhh...slept in until 2 pm! Can't remember doing that recently, except for the time I was horribly sick...but that doesn't count becuz it wasn't fun related.
So now Mom is storm stayed here after bringing the children home just in time for a storm. Gregg & Mom are playing "cribbage" and I just got back from one of my MK desert parties.
It was so nice to have the freedom of doing and being what we wanted...so my thought for the day would be to do something you haven't for awhile.
It sure felt nice!

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