Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A very talented Sis in law

Yes, I have a very talented sis in law ~ I knew this when I met her when she was 15.  She was creative and talented even then!  She played the violin wonderfully and I got the pleasure of listening to her and her siblings often.

Now she has grown up a little and has 2 adorable daughters of her own to treat to her creativity.


This gal has a knack for making something wonderful and cute out of NOTHING.  I don't know how she does it, but it inspires me to try different things.  Experiment.  I think she gets some of this talent from her parents, but they are not MY parents, but I get to learn from them.


I hope this link works. Some of her little creations are coming up for sale ~ lucky you!
She uses a lot of T shirt material, so it is super soft, cuddly and easy to care for.



Try looking for her HERE as well.  I hope these work out and you can find her Facebook Page ~ I shared it on mine as well.  You can look there.

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Angie Kroeker said...

Hey Jo, Thanks so much for this. I am flattered by your words about me. Thank you again. Sure wish you guys were coming out when mom and dad do tomorrow. Will miss you this Christmas again. Good thing we have Jan. Love you guys.