Thursday, January 20, 2011

The ole' BUCKET List

For those who are unaware of a bucket list, it is really just a list of things you would have liked to experience before you "kick the bucket", pass on...die.  I have a bit of a running bucket list in my mind and thought I'd share some of it.

~ get married
~ have babies
~ own a home
~ garden
~ show my girls an ocean
~ travel Canada and US with a camper with my family
~ Disney world or Disney land
~ travel somewhere outside of Canada with just my hubby
~ eat sushi
~ go to Starbucks
~ see my girls grow up, marry and hold my grandbabies
~ make a quilt by hand 
~ go wedding dress shopping and try on a wedding dress in a store
~ have a pedicure or manicure at a salon
~ drive in a monster truck
~ drive in a convertible ( I rode in Uncle Willards once)
~ adopt or help someone else adopt
~ attend a homeschooling conference with my family
~ visit my Dad's grave with my children (Ontario)
~ see a baby be born
~ eat Chinese take out from those cute little boxes
~ take lessons in ball room dancing/ swing dance with my hubby
~ get my ears pierced ???  ( I have tried this one before, but they grew in so fast, but my hubby likes it, so we'll see)
~ hand out a random amount of cash to a random person walking down the street
~ attend a music concert

The crossed out ones are accomplished.  Checked off.  That is the bulk of my bucket list.

What does yours look like???

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Kimberly said...

I have a few things on my mental list and I'm always meaning to add to it. I have things on there like Skydiving, publish a novel, and hand out free umbrellas on a horribly rainy day.

I need to write mine down, and decide which things are worth making happen...