Friday, January 14, 2011

Some more Christmas fun

Like most people, it seems like Christmas is such a wonderful blurr of activity, visiting, eating and laughing that it is hard to "blog" about it.  I did blog a little about our Thiessen time in Alberta, but nothing about Unger time in BC.  We had a very relaxed time, did the usual giving out goodies to neighbours, attended the 70 Mile House community dinner (did I post about that?  I will check) and hung around home with my folks and waited for my brother's family to show up and bring the entertainment.  They are always fun fun fun and we always sleep in after they leave.  Too much fun going on to bother sleeping while they are here !  ha ha.

 First, a little of our own private Christmas time as our own little family.  We have only really started our traditions now that we have moved to BC.  Before, there was so much other family around that we just went to whatever was going on.  Now we seem to have a tradition of Christmas EVE we play outside in the snow, sledding, skating, whatever, then we have Mickey Mouse waffles (my waffle iron is that by default, but I have since ordered a regular round one with a gift certificate I was sent this year) and then retire to the living room to read the Christmas story in Luke and then open some gifts.

 Woke Daddy up with watching some funny cartoons on YouTube.

 We love when neighbours pop in for eggs, or just for a chat...what a lovely time of year!
 Fun loving employees and yard buddy "B" is always up for a practical joke.  This time Kate's weird glasses.
Girls were making a little nativity scene...

then decided to make a larger one!

Taking great care to get baby Jesus' eyes right.

Great neighbours we have, posing for a picture with Mary and Joseph and Jesus.  OH wait, that's my folks.  You'd never guess Mom had a pound of bacon hiding in her jacket.  ha!
Now for our turn!

Eating our M M waffles and all the toppings

Reading from Luke

Cocoa would rather have snowballs form on his feet than endure the shame of wearing his new booties.
 Putting together the Playmobil Nativity set
 Ruth found Gregg another record of Uncle Rhemus Brair Rabbit
I should say that Gregg finally found a record player at a 2nd hand store for $2.  He happily paid the money from a cash gift from his parents.  The rest he wants to put towards a day snowboarding in the mountains.  Poor man hasn't gone for a few years and his heart and soul need it.

Kate gave Ruth and Mei little wind up mice.  They tortured Cocoa with them later.
 Girls also re-gifted some of their toys to each other.  
 We had ordered the complete 9 seasons of Little House on the Prairie from Ebay with our homeschool funding and it came in real handy as a Christmas present for the girls.
 all they needed were some bloomers...oh look!  I made 4 pairs and hoped 3 would fit.  I may need to make a larger pair for Ruth though.  She's in a growth spurt!

This post is long, so I'll do another of my brother's family later.  So there was our Christmas.  Our children were very happy.  I asked if there was something they had really wanted and didn't get.  Ruth said "rug cookies" then found that Auntie A had sent some in the mail this week.  Kate said "I didn't get my horse" but she gets to ride Little Joe almost every day that the weather permits, just he is not hers in respects that we have to provide feed and upkeep on him.  Don't know how to work that out quite yet.  Mei didn't even have a list of what she wanted, so she was happy happy.  Seemed like she got a lot of things to do with frogs.  And as for Gregg and I, we just watched the girls with happy hearts then I ate a Bounty chocolate bar Kate bought me.  It was good.

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