Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thiessen Ark ~ Animal Sitting services!

Well, first it was the offer to bunny sit, then fish sit, and now 2 dogs have joined the mix.  The bunny was because I really wanted to give it a trial go and see how we fare with a bunny.  I had a dear black bunny "Hop-a-long" when I was 3-4 years old and loved that thing dearly.  He would hop a long beside me and want up.  We napped on the couch together, played together while my siblings were in school.  He was a good, clean bunny until Mom moved the couch and discovered little round chocolate "raisins"...ha ha.  One day as he was in the Holly Hocks (flowers) an owl must have got him.  So sad.  Now 31 years later, I am giving it a trial by bunnysitting a friend's little bunny.

We've been learning lots about rabbits.   How it's nearly impossible to tell the gender before they are at least 3 months old.  At 3 months old they are also very fertile.  No wonder they reproduce so well!  ha ha.
He likes carrots and lettuce.  I thought he was so cute sitting under the computer desk, but have just discovered he has left a few presents for me!  ha ha.
Other than that, he is super easy to care for, and super cuddly too.  Guess they can be litter trained too.

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