Wednesday, January 26, 2011

American Girl doll gets repair work done SURGERY

We ordered this little Kit American Girl doll from Ebay with Mei's hard earned puppy cash (Nana paid them a little for all the playing and training they did on the puppies) and when she arrived her hip was out.

We did a quick search on YouTube and found out we could repair her ourselves.  A little surgery was in order!
Good thing my hubby has a Bach. of Nursing degree!  ha ha.  We were forewarned that when we would remove her head, it would feel like we were killing something, and yes, we turned her face away!

First, check the patient's vitals.  Heart, pulse, temperature etc. to ensure she is up for the surgery.

Next, remove the strings that hold her next in place.  Turning her away from you is a nice bonus.

 Start removing all that stuffing, there is a lot of it!  place it in a container so you doesn't get all over the place!
Play with the head if you are so inclined!

 This is what the joints look like inside the doll.  The "wick" elastic string pulls the legs up so-to-speak.  The brass clamp sometimes gets pulled up, thus, loose limbs.  Easiest is just to put elastic around the string, underneath the clamp.  This tightens up the limbs ~ voila!
Daddy's Leatherman always comes in handy!

 Wrapping elastic around and around and around!
Kit watches her surgery.


Stuff all that stuffing back in, paying attention to getting a nice little bottom...ha ha.  It happens naturally, we just stuffed in all back in and she looks great.  Put the head back on with the string and she stands perfectly!

Kit, as good as new!  Hip repair complete!  Limbs Repaired!  Happy owner!


Kimberly said...

What an awesome daddy! Great work!

Ernie and Debbi said...

I'm sure glad Gregg went through with nurses training. Maybe it helped to become the surgeon he now is. Great job. I love the picture where Kit is watching her own surgery. Lol! And yes, this doll is a Mei look-a-like. I'm so glad for all you girls. You now all own and American doll and can play with them together. Love, heart, Grandma