Monday, January 03, 2011

Thiessen Christmas .... early though it was

In early December we travelled to my in laws for a business/pleasure trip.  Had an early Christmas with them and had a regular good time.  I'm having some problems loading pictures, so I'll do what I can.  We also enjoy the trip through the mountains.

Had to make a potty stop, but this was a real gross one.  Yuck.  We managed with some resourcefulness!
Some typical mountain scenery on the way through Rogers Pass

We went to the zoo ( which I'll post on later) , wave pool, Narnia, and had a midnight candy shopping experience.  It was fun.  I didn't take near enough pics.
Decorating with Uncle C

 Each ornament is taken out with great care, each memory relived as the ornament gently reminds us
Dad gave me a really really good drink ~ I took it like a man...ha ha... lying down.

Woke the girls up at midnight to enjoy shopping for candy ~ Grampa's idea!  So fun!
Girls modelling their new PJ's handmade by Gramma

Opening presents from eachother and grandparents

Now that is a great face!

My present from my dear hubby!  Junior Mints!

Gramma with a little teapot from Mei

Sheer joy

The new fridge with an ice maker was a big hit!  Even if it was a little tempermental!

Playing Christmas tunes on the piano with Gramma.  I miss my piano.

 Making and decorating some sort of gingerbread creature is a tradition from my inlaws family.  We like it...great time for being creative and for lots of giggles.

Made these little gingerbread to be holding hands ~ Ernie & Debbi and Gregg & Jolene

Our lovely 13 year old just said "this is weird" when we woke her up to go candy shopping at midnight.

I don't want to wake up ~ this is weird.

This sugar junky was loving it!

Ready Set Go!

YUM  Lindt chocolates!

Getting sleepy!

Have you ever ran your fingers through the bulk bin of nuts?  They say it's a wonderful sensation.

Plum tuckered out!

Watching Mom eat her jewel cake is always fun.

We often put the younger two to sleep first in our bed, then transfer them to their foamies on the basement floor.  They were usually all cuddled up very cute like, but super hard to get a photo in the dark.  One of those moments when you love to look at them and love being a parent!

Guess Mei needed some quiet time.  They claim Calgary only has "cold air" not "fresh air", but she seemed to be enjoying herself.  Just lying there.  She did get a little angry when I took her picture with the flash.  I think she was watching the airplanes.
My hubby still loves listening to his Mom play piano and sing

Early Christmas meal :)
Merry Christmas to one and all!

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