Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A weaving we will go ~

A neighbor here has a lovely little weaving studio above their shop and we decided to use up a bunch of denim I had been saving.  Girls could make a great little rag rug and it would be fun and educational and local!  Yeah for us.
Figuring out how many strings, pattern design, etc.
So off we went to Unni's for some lessons in the fine art of weaving on a loom
Brought a friend along, she is a hoot!  Here she is trying to get the yarn off her fingers!  Silly girl had purple fingers!

Basically an old pencil sharpener used to wind up spindles

Goofs.  2 peas in a pod.  Kate and Kate

One way of starting to measure out the length needed for the warp. This is what you end up with to put onto the loom...long and tedious and yet very rewarding work!

Unni has fun little felted animals hanging around the studio.

The second way of measuring out the threads and getting the design.

Putting it onto the loom, threading each thread through a little heddle.

Ready for the shuttle.  The first step is doing just thread to hold everything together at the end of the rug.  you'll notice it on the picture of the rug.

Ruth's nearly finished rug, ready to braid the ends.  You can twirl them, whatever.  Notice the read thread from above, it is holding everything tight and looks great with the denim.  The white threads are just spacers, they come out, as you braid the rest.

Finished product, with bonus dog we are watching.
The other girls are still working on theirs, so I'll update when they are complete.

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Kimberly said...

Your girls have the coolest mom ever. Truly.